Glory update

Glory system overhaul

Previous season clearly showed that the glory system was not working as we expected. The most effective way of getting glory was to play various types of farm shards. Players who didn’t want to spend life killing spiders or in explosive laboratories were in disadvantage, but more importantly all the nice, interesting and creative levels hadn’t got the attention they deserve.

For November season we reworked the glory system based on a premise “whatever shard type you prefer should give you roughly the same amount of glory per minute of gameplay”. Better players of course get more than the average is and harder and higher level shards give more glory in general.

Since version 1.009 if you open detailed shards view (the button on bottom-left of the shard gallery) you can see average glory a player can receive from every particular shard. You can get more if you are better than most of other players. The new system will need couple days to settle, first numbers you’ll see are probably not very accurate.

Large maps, story driven shards or farms are now giving roughly about the same average glory. If you prefer squshing spiders or play with ingame explosives you still can, it just isn’t necessary anymore to stay competetive in the leaderboards.

We believe this change will significantly help quality shards to be played much more and extraordinary player profiles to climb the leaderboard much faster.

Though, at some point it’s YOU player who decides by your stars what you do want and don’t want to see in the game. We know there are hidden gems in the MONOLISK universe, help us find them out!

Other improvements in v1.009:

  • onboarding improved
  • other profile sharing available
  • many minor fixes