Top Shards

New Top Shards category

There are already around 300 000 Shards handcrafted by MONOLISK players. That’s absolutely mind-blowing and thank you all for your contributions to MONOLISK universe!

During the development we believed that players would like building Shards but we really were not sure. Now we found ourselves in the opposite situation. There are so many maps that it’s so easy to miss all the great ones.

Therefore in version 1.012 we are introducing a Top Shards category to let the hidden gems shine! Top Shards is a handpicked collection of the most interesting, creative and fun Shards we found. Each featured creation receives a trophy icon and a place in the list. There will be more maps coming in and even when they leave the list they will keep their trophy icon to be easily spoted in other categories such as Best For Me.

Getting your Shard featured is not something you can earn directly by playing the game like other rewards. Most shards picked were nominated by the community on Discord or Reddit in channels/threads where you can’t nominate your own Shard. Of course we can spot and feature your Shard any time even without a nomination.

We hope the Top Shards category will help players to reach high quality Shards and creators the audience they deserve!