Passive skills

The major content update we are working on takes a bit longer than we expected therefore we decided to release its first part in advance.

Since version 1.020 by playing the game and collecting Glory each character now unlocks Skill points. You can then spend these skill points on 10 Passive skills to improve stats you prefer the most for your builds.

Because we like how fast you can edit your heroes by simply changing cards they are using we kept the same logic for Passive skills as well. You are able to redistribute your Skill points anytime and for free and enjoy various builds whenever you like.

Collecting Skill points also increases your overall Player level. 10 Skill points give the same amount of Experience as one basic cardpack. At the moment the total cap for Skill points is 400 per character class and adds hundreds of hours of continuous progress to the game .

With this change your characters will inevitably grow stronger and be able to kill more creatures faster which as we found during testing is a great deal of fun. Source in all Shardstones was increased by 50 to give you the opportunity to populate your shards with more and stronger monsters.

Enjoy this new update and stay with us, because we already have more than 50 new cards of all kinds in production.