Quality of life improvements

In update v1.014 we focused on improving the overall MONOLISK experience. Especially flow of combat and faster navigation to shards and player profiles. In addition to that we fixed many card related bugs reported by our community. See the list below:

  • Combat flow improved – Targeted abilities immediately continue with attack to next target
  • Play-next-random-Shard button added to Victory screen
  • Visit-player-profile button added to Victory screen
  • Artificer summons fixed – reavers and exploders now time out as intended and they don’t collide with their owner
  • Seeking arrows – fixed, can hit up to 100 targets
  • Sharp shot and Multishot abilities got increased range to work better with Archer Boots
  • Life leech and Charge drain don’t work on barrels anymore
  • Quicksilver staff vs Mantle of Power – bug fixed
  • More granular numbers on creature details screen
  • Nicer damage value popout animation