holiday gifts

Holiday Gifts!

The year may be coming to an end, but the world of MONOLISK has only just begun! To celebrate, we’ve prepared Free Packs for everyone who logs into the game before 2020!

Since MONOLISK release in October we have been constantly improving the gameā€¦

  • Glory system was overhauled to give more glory for your play time
  • Hero and Creator packs added for players to choose their preferred playstyle
  • Featured Shards introduced to highlight the great Shards being created
  • Combat and controls were improved, with more control options to come
  • “Play next shard” button added for less downtime and more rewards
  • Russian language was added
  • Myriads of minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements

and there’s much more still to come!

In 2020 we will introduce a Campaign feature, that will allow players to chain their shards and tell larger stories.

In addition to that we are already working on new cards of all kinds!

Our main priority for the upcoming months is to introduce more meaningful interactions to the environments and add more overall variety for creatures and heroes.

Thanks for helping us rebuild the universe!

We’d like to end the year with a massive Thank You to all our players and our awesome community, for their ongoing support and enthusiasm for MONOLISK.

It’s empowering to see all the creativity and work you put in building your shards, bringing them to life with your stories, and making the world of MONOLISK your own.

It makes us feel that MONOLISK and the community within is something truly special.